Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Clutter Free Challenge Day 8: Junk Drawer

While I had high hopes that I would be diligently checking off each day actually ON the day it was assigned, that doesn't seem to be happening... so my new approach is to just keep on truckin' and get them done as I am able...

Which brings us to MY day 8 of the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge... tackling the dreaded JUNK DRAWER!  To be fair, I had done a junk drawer over-haul a few months ago, so it really wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Our main junk drawer is in the kitchen, and that is the one I sorted out today.  The other one is my husband's and he gets to do whatever he wants with it... which is why I try not to look in there too often 'cause it's cray-cray.

The goals for this challenge are to only keep items that are currently useful, in good working order, and don't belong somewhere else.

Here are the before photos:

I bought these clear plastic drawer organizers from Target a few months ago, and I LOVE them!  There are definitely some items that could live somewhere more practical than in a kitchen drawer... garden twine, anyone?

Dingo Before.  Not amused by the state of the drawer.

I took evereything out, wiped out the drawer and the organizers, and got to sorting!  The only thing I didn't do was label everything, because I couldn't think of a good way to attach them.  If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment.  I would like to fix that later.

Here are the after photos:

I like being able to see where everything is.  Most of these things don't have duplicate homes, although I do like to keep scissors and pens in every room.  I left a few compartments empty for now.

Dingo After.  Still not amused, but at least making eye-contact.

I love being able to open a drawer and know exactly what I will find and where I will find it.

What's the most strange thing you keep or have found in your junk drawer?



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