Monday, October 6, 2014

Clutter Free Challenge Day 2: Entryway (and confession)

Alright everybody, it's time for me to come clean... I have a confession to make... It's day 2 of the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge and I have already fallen pray to hypocrisy.

The challenge for day 2 is to tackle the entryway.  The goal is to create a space with homes for shoes, coats, purses, keys, umbrellas, a collection basket, etc.

Many days and several weeks ago, I wrote my my first blog post.  In that post I state that "success will be measured by completion and effort, not how shiny or Pinterest-worthy the process is."  So, why am I posting day 2 of the challenge on what should be day 5 or 6?  Because a picture is worth a thousand words, let me show you.

Beautiful Hooks from Marshall's

These are the reason... beautiful hooks I found at Marshall's.  I was determined to knock out day 2 ON day 2, and was thrilled when I found the perfect hooks to transform my entryway from drab to fab, only to have my dreams shattered upon attempted installation.  The nail hangers on the back are 20 inches apart and wall studs are typically 16 inches apart.  

So, of course, instead of plowing forward and completing the task without those hooks, I spent a few days trying to figure out how to use them anyway.  I was so caught up in presenting a perfect post with beautiful after photos that would impress you all, that I lost sight of the real goal... COMPLETING THE TASK!  Once I got my mind back in the game, I whipped myself into (more humble) shape and got to work.

Here are the before photos:

 I used to hang my Keys on the door handle so I knew where to find them.

A Bench from T.J. Max (full of board-games), a Tote from Marshall's (full of reusable grocery bags), my husband's Flight Bag, some 31 Bags stuffed under the tote, a Painting a friend made, and a Hanger and Curling Iron meant for Goodwill

A Door Mat from Target, and a Bin from Marshall's with Dingo's toys.  Oh, and yes, that is Mistletoe hanging above the door because sometimes you need a little Christmas in your life... year-round.

Dingo Before.

Initially, I was hoping to have pretty hooks with a little shelf to spice up they entryway.  In the end, this is what I came up with... not as pretty, but just as functional.  The only thing I purchased was a $5 boot tray from Target, all the other items were things I already had.

Here are the after photos:

Yaaaay!  Much more functional and cozy!  And yes, I strategically cropped out the mistletoe because I forgot to take it down and it is still festively dangling above the door.

3M Hooks I already had, now hold my Purse, my Keys, and the Tote.  I added a throw I've owned for years for a pop of color.

Inside the Tote.  I weeded out the bulkier bags and consolidated everything.  I keep Store Rewards Cards in the little pocket on the side.  I like this right by the door because I am less likely to forget to bring grocery bags when I shop.

More 3M Hooks hold Dingo's leash and my scarf.  A Target Boot Tray to keep the mud and rain from our boots and umbrella contained.  A woven Box (I think from Target a long time ago) now houses Goodwill items and things that need to be returned to other people.  Lastly, Dingo's toy bin got weeded through... and yes, I am aware that she probably has more toys than most children.  That's how she rolls.

Dingo After.

All in all, I count this as both a lesson and a success.  I may do an entryway revision in the future, but for now I am happy with the transformation... and I will be much more careful during the following tasks to stay on track and not allow myself to get distracted by pride.

What is one way you get distracted from your goals?  What tactics do you use to get back on track?



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