Friday, October 10, 2014

Clutter Free Challenge Day 6: DVDs & Video Games

Oh, the DVDs!  It is day 6 of the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge.  Today is the day we sort and organize all those DVDs and video games we have in a jumbled mess somewhere.

I lucked out a little today because we don't have any video games.  That said, we do have a decent stash of DVDs that needed some attention.

Here are the before photos:

I love this vintage phonograph table a girlfriend gave me... but it hides a dirty little secret...

Surprise!... clutter!  On the left are various DVDs we own, and a few that we borrowed.  On the right are two CD books full of CDs and one I keep DVDs in.  Clearly, I have a few more to put in there.

Dingo Before.  She's smirking because she knows about the secret.

First, I pulled everything out of the table and sorted the DVDs into piles.  Then I dusted, because that needed to happen.

DVDs to keep, DVDs to give away or back, DVD sets, and my husband's school-related DVDs.

I pulled all the paper inserts out of the DVD cases.  Then, I cut the front image with the movie title out of each one to fit inside the CD book with the DVD.

My little Fiskars paper cutter made cutting out the images fairly quick.

Talk about space-saving!  Empty cases on the left and, my much smaller, stack of DVDs with inserts on the right.

I put them all in the DVD book in order of genre and then put everything we are keeping back into the table.

Here are the after photos: 

On the left are a few sets we kept in original packaging because it was small, my husband's school DVDs, and the DVD book.  On the right are the CD books.

Dingo After.  She is laughing because the secret is out, but I don't care because everything is in order now.

I used to keep all my DVDs in their cases and was constantly trying to find a good storage solution.  When I finally came up with the idea to keep them in a CD book, I couldn't believe how much space I saved.

Do you hang on to DVD cases?  What's your favorite DVD storage solution?



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