Friday, October 10, 2014

Clutter Free Challenge Day 5: Books & Magazines

Here we are on day 5 of the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge and the intent for today is to purge, sort, and arrange our books and magazines in an orderly an deliberate way.  I have to admit that books and magazines are a weakness for me and I have a million justifications as to why I should keep each one.  Today, I am determined to be strong!

Here are the before photos:

Books and foolishness stashed in the bedroom.

More foolishness in the bedroom.

Kitchen craziness.

Sometimes, you want to check out a recipe while you are studying for your A&P...right?

Living room clutter.

Dingo Before.  She has decided that because she can't actually read, she doesn't need to be involved in this challenge.

I did donate some books during this process, but I also put some in storage for when we have more shelf space available, because books are something I really value.  However, I did try to be intentional about what I kept.

Here are the after photos:

I moved the bookshelf from the bedroom to the living room.  It was nice to have the room to add a few photos and candles... the awesome Lego flag was a birthday gift from my 8-year-old nephew... and I love it!

Dingo After.  It's so hard to stay awake when there are lots of books involved.

Are books difficult for you to get rid of?  What is your favorite magazine?



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