Wednesday, August 6, 2014

About Me

About me... my Name is Caitlin.  I was born and raised in Western Washington State and live there now with my Husband, dog, and nine months of rain a year.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics with a Major in Kinesiology and currently work full time as an office manager at a mini-storage place.  Obviously, those go together.  I also work a few hours a week at a dance apparel and shoe shop, which I love.

I like to dance ballet, craft, travel, learn new things, garden, sew, can things, hike, organize, roam around Target, read, DIY, and hang out with my dog.

I love Jesus, my husband, my family, my dog, mountains, farms, and grilled cheese sandwiches the Canadian way (with ketchup).

I don't like slugs, big crowds, when people are unkind, or mayonnaise.

I am excited to get to know you more as we go on adventures together!



Monday, August 4, 2014

About My Blog

Hello Friends, and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog because I have a lot of goals and not a lot of motivation.

I know, not a very sparkly reason.  I wish I could say that I started this blog to share my fine-tuned organizational skills, DIY prowess, and energetic motivational tips with people who haven't quite got it all together yet.  However, as it stands, I AM those people... and that's where YOU come in.  We are going to go on adventures together and you are going to help hold me accountable.

Welcome to Caitland!  A land where people run late, the dog rolls in nasty things, and where sometimes chips and salsa constitute dinner.

Through Adventures in Caitland, my hope is to actually reach some goals... big goals, little goals, short and longterm goals... just make goals and then reach them.  Each goal will be an adventure.  Success will be measured by completion and effort, not how shiny or Pinterest-worthy the process is... because sometimes chocolate layered cake ends up looking like the Grand Canyon, but it still tastes like cake.

So, whether you are a scenic cake-maker, an all carbs dinner-eater, or you actually do have it all together, if you have goals you are in the right place.  Join me in a quest to learn, accomplish, and be accountable.